Review: Oman Air First & Business Class Lounge

Anne Kurian
  • Featuring distinctive styling, impressive F&B options, relaxing spaces and a lovely spa, the Oman Air First and Business Class Lounge is a wonderful place to spend some time before a flight. Anne Kurian shares her experience...

Certain airlines make flying a wonderful experience, often irrespective of the class one chooses. The same goes for lounges. Some airline lounges are simply wonderful and can be the enticement to reach an airport earlier than the requisite three-hour check-in. One such airline lounge is the Oman Air First & Business Class Lounge. The first time I used the lounge, I didn’t have enough time to enjoy the facilities. So, on my next trip with the airline, I ensured that I was way ahead of my flight time to experience the Oman Air First & Business Class Lounge.

The Oman Air First & Business Class Lounge is located on the first floor of Muscat International Airport. Your experience in fact begins the moment you arrive at the airport. Oman Air First & Business Class passengers can avail of the services of the dedicated concierge services just outside the airport where one of the staff members will collect your luggage and lead you to the check-in. Once the formalities are through, it’s off to the lounge (unless you are tempted to stop by the vast Duty-Free shopping counters and kiosks). 

The exterior of the lounge is done up in stately gold and wooden accents – a precursor to what lies ahead. After a warm welcome from the staff, I was directed to the Business Class lounge area. Oman Air First Class Lounge is also on the same premises but has a separate entry and facility. We shall feature that in the near future. 

The lounge has space to store cabin baggage, which is a welcome feature. With my cabin baggage stored away safely in one of the luggage lockers, I went ahead to the lounge. As I was there way before the noon rush when a lot of WY flights are scheduled, I was privy to a less busy lounge. The décor and ambiance of the lounge are plush with ornate accents running all through. The pretty spacious and accommodating lounge is spread out across various areas. This includes the seating, resting, relaxing, bar, and dining areas.  

The seating area comes first as one enters and leads you to two spaces on either side of the passage – the dining area and the resting area respectively. The resting area features private enclosed spaces and family rooms where one can rest, dine, and spend more sequestered time with family. On the other side is a spacious dining space that features a well-planned buffet. I was there in the morning and the breakfast spread featured both hot and cold choices. The food was lovely and being a coffee lover, I was especially grateful for the barista who takes your coffee order and makes it for you. The bar is just across the dining area and serves up a host of premium beverages, mocktails, and even light bites. There are seating areas just across the bar and past. 

A second dining area is located beyond the bar, which opens only for lunch and dinner. It was set up by the time I headed for my flight and the spread at lunchtime was quite impressive. If you want to take a nap before flying, then there are resting chairs as well as private sleeping rooms. It was interesting to note that the resting chairs are all separated by thick blackout curtains – ideal for a power nap. There is also a separate work area for those who do not want to be disturbed by the inflow of guests that usually begins by noon. The WIFI connectivity is great in the lounge and there are charging stations placed conveniently around the lounge.

The bathroom and showers feature the same grand design and décor that is present in the lounge. Business Lounge guests are treated to Amouage amenities here. And if you feel like taking your experience at the lounge a notch up, then head to the first floor where the Chi Spa by Shangri-La is located. Business Class passengers do not have complimentary treatments (First Class passengers can avail of a 30-minute free treatment) but the space is worth a try if you have time. I did and I loved every bit of the 30-minute relaxing shoulder and back massage I opted for.     

I may have spent more time than required at the airport but when it’s a lounge such as the Oman Air First & Business Class lounge, it is worth every moment. The staff, ambiance, F&B, and facilities are exceptional. The next time you fly First or Business on Oman Air, do get to the airport early. The Oman Air First & Business Class Lounge is totally worth it.

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