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Chanel Celebrates Spring With Blue

Chanel Celebrates Spring With Blue

  • The CHANEL SPRING 2024 makeup collection arises from the emotionally provocative nature of one of the most vibrant colours - blue

Colours are a form of self-expression. They tell the story of a mindset, an attitude, a temperament, and are imbued with meaning and symbolism beyond simple aesthetics. A story of instinct and feeling that no form of logic can justify. The colours we gravitate toward say something about who we are, about the way our unique imagination manifests and chooses to reveal itself to the world. Beyond the palette, the color of allure is a story within ourselves that is brought to light. 

Through this medium of expression, the COMÈTES COLLECTIVE, formed by Valentina Li, Ammy Drammeh, and Cécile Paravina, explores the power and singularity of colour as a means of embodying the complexity and richness of every individual.

This season, the CHANEL makeup style will be blue. Blue, like the sea. Blue, like the mysterious depths of the ocean. But also orange, like vibrant corals. What does this colour bring to mind? Ask this question, and you will never hear the same answer twice. Our relationship to colour is so intimate and personal. So unique. 

“To me, the colour blue feels like diving into the ocean. The exhilaration I experience when the waves brush against my skin. In this moment, I can really open up my imagination and let it run free. Blue is the window to the soul,” Valentina Li answers intuitively. She is the first creator in the trio to express her unique inner world through the SPRING 2024 makeup collection designed for CHANEL. 

The SPRING 2024 collection arose from the emotionally provocative nature of colour. Through this interpretation, Valentina Li has captured her vision of CHANEL style in a colour palette. A tale of self-affirmation. Unpredictable, elusive and, above all, multifaceted. 

This collection’s style is characterized by a shade of blue that expresses itself in many forms, a source of inspiration drawn from the heart of the ocean depths. The glimmer of the sunlight as it reflects off the crystalline sea, the iridescence of pearls and seashells, the entrancing undulations of jellyfish, and the incredibly rich colour of corals all inspired the artist to create these various blue-toned, iridescent hues. Valentina Li’s blue encompasses her fascination with the ocean and its many secrets. 

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