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Celebrate Diwali With Versace

Celebrate Diwali With Versace

  • During the Festival of Lights this year, Versace brightens up the occasion with two choices that are perfect for the season - Versace Time GMT & Greca Flourish

An icon of Italian-made luxury with international appeal, Versace celebrates Diwali this year with two of its popular timepieces. Known as the “Festival of Lights,” in both a material sense and as a symbol of spiritual rebirth, this celebration creates a vibrant atmosphere, inviting people to enjoy themselves, go shopping, and spend time with their loved ones. Lights, small oil lamps, floating candles, and fireworks light up towns and cities to celebrate new beginnings. 

The Versace Time GMT watch for men has a Swiss quartz Ronda 515 GMT movement and features a round 41 mm case. The model features a GMT movement and has a window date with a magnifying glass located at three o’clock.

The Greca Flourish watch for women has a Swiss quartz Ronda 762.3 movement and features a round 35 mm case. The timepiece is complete with a metal bracelet with horizontal textured links. 

The bright green dials, evoking the idea of awakening from darkness and the return of light, have the Greca motif on the inner part as further confirmation of the recognisability of these Versace timepieces. At 12 o’clock we find the embossed Medusa head in IP2N and the logo in contrasting colours — both bold and glamorous brand icons. 

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