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On The Track With Maserati MC20

On The Track With Maserati MC20

  • When a car ticks all the right boxes, you know you have a winner. We are talking about the scintillating Maserati MC20

It’s not often that a car gets us gushing over with adoration. Pretty much non-stop. After all, we have done our fair deal of car reviews and the occasional insider access to cars that may not be featured in The Luxury Bulletin. Yet the Maserati MC20 had us bowled over. Not just in its styling but the way it drives. And we couldn’t stop talking about the car to everyone who lent their ear. And sometimes, even when they didn’t.

Launched earlier this year, the MC20 reveals a new chapter in the Italian automaker’s journey ahead. Creating automobiles that perform as well as they look is not new for Maserati. With the MC20. Maserati has proved that the carmaker is adept at making automobiles that perform exceptionally well on track and are also great on the road with excellent drivability, comfort, and safety.

An eight-speed Dual-Clutch gearbox adds to the Maserati MC20’s fine performance. Also, worth mentioning about this low-slung mean machine is the tremendous aerodynamic efficiency which is mostly generated underneath the car, double wishbone suspension, and adaptive damping all-round. All this translates to remarkable driveability and performance on the tarmac. 

The Maserati MC20 was in Oman for a few days. We got the opportunity to put it to test – on track at the Oman Automobile Association. After an introductory run-through of the car, it was time to take the MC20 to the track for a few laps. The car is low-slung and entering isn’t a breeze but the MC20 feels like an old friend. As new as it is in many aspects, the Maserati DNA flow through the MC20. And there is a rush of warmth. Together with the excitement of taking this beauty onto the track. Did we mention that the butterfly doors of the MC20 add to the beauty of the car?

Sport mode engaged, we push the MC20, and she delivers. The sharp throttle is refreshing and shows how stable the MC 20 is even when pushed to the extreme. The gear shifts are smooth and the MC20 performs admirably on track. Not once did we feel out of our comfort zone. 

The Maserati MC 20 ticks all the crucial boxes – looks, performance, and handling. We can’t wait to see what other automotive innovations are going to be rolled out by the Trident! 

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