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Personalisation By Ferrari

Personalisation By Ferrari

  • Through the Ferrari Personalisation Programme, customers can create bespoke cars with the help of unique colours and innovative materials and create endless combinations to bring their dream designs to life

When you own a Ferrari, it is only befitting to add your own signature. That’s where the Ferrari Personalisation Programme. As exclusive as the creations, the Ferrari Personalisation Programme allows customers to create a car as unique as they are and showcase their personalities however they choose. 

First introduced by Ferrari in the late 2000s, the Personalisation Programme enables customers to tailor every last detail of their car to their taste. This can be done in multiple ways using the Configurator tool that is available both online and in Ferrari showrooms, before choosing one of Ferrari’s special customisation programmes to meet their personal needs. 

Ferrari Atelier

The Ferrari Atelier is a special studio located in many Ferrari showrooms where clients can go beyond their imagination in building their own Ferrari. As an exclusive, sophisticated space, Ferrari Atelier is designed to make clients feel at the center of attention. In this studio, customisation opens new spaces where clients bring their designs into reality, with the assistance of experts.

Ferrari Tailor Made Programme

The Tailor Made Programme is a tradition that goes back to the 1950s in Maranello. This era witnessed a huge trend in customization and personalization for each customer. The Tailor Made Programme is an exclusive programme offered by the Prancing Horse, which is directed to a limited number of buyers. Each customer is assisted by experts who are led by a personal designer, who ensures that each element in the car is unique. 

As part of the Tailor Made programme, clients are invited to the factory in Italy where they are guided by a personal designer through the three “worlds” of Ferrari: Classica, Scuderia, and Inedita. Those collections reflect the sporting soul, heritage, and brand innovation, respectively.

The Classica collection provides a modern twist on the styling cues and features of Maranello’s iconic GTs. Elegant exterior colours, chrome details, and vintage leathers, wool, cashmere, and corduroy combined with the latest materials and production techniques.

Scuderia collection highlights how Racing has always been an essential part of Ferrari’s DNA, this world pays tribute to it with a series of exclusive materials, including rubberised leather, technical fabrics, Kevlar® and hi-tech microfibres, carbon-fibre trims, matt, and satin finish metals.

Inedita lives up to its name by introducing an element of experimentation and innovation in terms of styling, colours, and materials. Distinctive and original, this section looks to the future with a style that is deliberately one step ahead. Denim, bold leather colors, sartorial fabrics, and hi-tech materials are just a few of the intriguing options available to owners open to unprecedented innovation.

Another project which is part of this programme is the Ispirazioni project, which was introduced in 2020.

This new collection is built on 36 configurations, inspired by classic models and legendary Ferrari race cars. Each one is the fruit of the creative efforts of the cars’ designers and the Tailor Made specialists, combining their wealth of experience accumulated from many years of working closely with clients who seek to make each car unique to them.

Ferrari Genuine

Ferrari always ensures continuous excellence for its customers. Through Ferrari Genuine, the Prancing Horse offers a wide range of accessories and fittings designed and developed to make a customer’s car unique. As part of the Personalization programme, the new Ferrari Genuine car configurator, which is a tool that enhances Ferrari’s attention to detail which is only available for the 488 GTB, 488 Spider 812 Superfast, 812 GTS, and SF90 Stradale.

Through the Ferrari Personalisation Programme, customers can choose from unique colours and innovative materials and create endless combinations to bring their dream designs to life.

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