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Of Pomegranates, Colours And Flavours

Of Pomegranates, Colours And Flavours

  • Atop Jebel Akhdar, at the picturesque Rummana, Jotun Paints unveiled their latest range of colours of which two shades were inspired by Oman. Dariya Subbiah indulged in a day of picking pomegranates, dabbling with art, and relishing a wonderful meal crafted by Dina Macki at the exclusive event

Perched atop the mountain range of Al Jabal Al Akhdar, sits a pomegranate orchard called Rummana. Oman’s venture into agri-tourism, Rummana is dedicated to showcasing pomegranates from seed to fruit. We were invited to a special event curated by Rummana in partnership with Jotun Paints to showcase Jotun’s new colour collection, of which two colours are dedicated to Oman – namely Rumman and Zaharl Rumman. Celebrity chef and recipe developer, Dina Macki, known as the ‘Queen of Pomegranates’, curated the menu for the event, incorporating the newest Jotun colours into the food.

Rummana was decked in Jotun’s new colours, adding vibrance and acting as a great compliment to the fruit the farm was dedicated to. Murals outside the venue showcasing pomegranate harvesting and the beauty of the fruit and flower were painted by artists Munira Al Zadjali and Mahmood Al Fahdi respectively, using the new shades. 

The event began with a tour of the orchard led by the representatives of Rummana who guided us through the farm and the day’s programme. As we toured the farm, we had the opportunity to taste pomegranate juice from a fountain and indulge in ice creams under lush olive trees to help us cool off in the summer’s heat. Stands displaying the crafts of various local Omani artists were set up where one could purchase mementos.

Up next on the agenda was plucking pomegranates! We each picked a basket and followed our guides to the area cordoned off for us to pluck the fruits. We were instructed on how best to pluck them, to avoid hurting the plants. After we filled our baskets, the fruit was weighed and boxed for us to take home. 

Having toiled in the summer sun, the sweet call of lunch beckoned us to the table where we were cooled down, with a refreshing glass of fizzy and tangy pomegranate drink. Mahira Saqib and Badar Al Maqdasi of Jotun Paints welcomed us and explained the concept behind the event as well as the creation of the new colours. Just before lunch, we had a creative activity to indulge in – painting ceramic plates provided to us using Jotun Paints. This was a lovely little exercise that we all enjoyed. 

Soon after, Dina Macki worked her magic and treated us to a four-course meal. Each meal incorporated pomegranates and as always, Macki put her signature twist on it all. The breads were soft, and the dips enveloped the palate with their light yet distinct tastes, the standouts being the whipped ricotta with rosemary and the herby hummus. The salad, which paired wonderfully with the raspberry vinaigrette and mishkak, was flavour rich and delectable. The final contender on the menu was a sweet treat, a crisp and creamy Pavlova. The basil pavlova with sumac strawberries, whipped cream, and pomegranate coulis was the perfect way to conclude our lunch. 

Having filled our bellies, we retired under the olive trees yet again, where artist Munira spoke to us on the importance of colours and how they aid us in communication, expression, and more. We were informed that one last activity remained, one where we had to create mood boards that reminded us of Oman. These mood boards would be used in Jotun’s next project. We rushed around the farm plucking leaves, berries, flowers, and anything else we could find. A tent was set up where we could find fabrics, tapes and glues, coloured paper, and pens to help us design our mood boards. As the activity came to an end, so did the day’s programme. 

This was truly a fun-filled experience and for those of you wanting to experience the farm and pluck fresh pomegranates, Rummana is open till October 28. So, mark your calendars, grab your sunscreen and wide-brimmed hats, and immerse yourself in Oman’s mountain-top pomegranate paradise. 

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