Majliya: Blending Tradition And Modernity

Anne Kurian
  • A stylish new boutique, larger collections, and a fascinating rebranding. That’s Omani brand Majliya in short. The Luxury Bulletin met with Majliya’s General Manager, Marco Belgrado to learn more about the brand’s new identity, the company’s strategy, and e-commerce, among other topics.

After being in business for over four decades as a prominent industry player, rebranding can be a bold step to take. That’s exactly what happened when Jawahir Oman became Majliya. The iconic jewellery and silverware brand, Jawahir Oman, established in 1977, unveiled its new branding earlier this year. Rebranded as Majliya, the Omani luxury brand aims to provide an elevated experience to customers in Oman and beyond the borders. 

For decades, the erstwhile Jawahir Oman brand has been making high-quality jewellery as well as silverware that could be termed as objet de art. At Majliya, the traditions continue with a renewed lease of life. Along with traditional jewellery collections, new and modern designs join the portfolio.

As soon as one enters the flagship Majliya store, what capture the attention is the design and ambiance of the new boutique. Styled to reflect the luxury collections retailed, Majliya is a fine boutique that would fit in seamlessly in any cosmopolitan city. While the brand stays true to its roots and continues to create exquisite traditional jewellery, Majliya now features contemporary collections that would appeal to the loyal as well as new clientele.

“Majliya is a luxury store that can be in any city – London, Paris, Dubai, Mumbai… One of the first things we did was to put up a solid ground for Majliya from which we could build up. Majiliya is an evolution of Jawahir Oman,” says Marco Belgrado, General Manager, Majliya.

A fine evolution, Majliya continues to build on its decades-old traditions while embracing the new. One of which is the introduction of new collections that are modern and appealing to younger clients.  

“We have clients who have been with the brand for years. While our traditional jewellery collections remain an integral part of the brand, we decided to develop new lines for the younger customer. What does not change though is the craftsmanship,” says Marco.

Renowned for the brand’s uncompromising commitment to quality during its tryst as Jawahir Oman, in the new journey, this remains unchanged. Handcrafted jewellery is one of the many USPs of the brand and Majliya’s both traditional as well as modern designs are fine examples.

The uniqueness of designs and the brand’s commitment to stay rooted in the Middle Eastern culture have attracted clients from the region as well. Now, Majliya is set to expand into the region.

“When we started working on Majliya in 2019, one of the action plans we had was to take the brand beyond the borders. We want to expand into the region and even internationally. It is part of our long-term strategy,” says Marco.

While some brands may worry about being in proximity with international jewellery brands as it expands, Majliya stands tall thanks to its affinity to being traditional yet modern and unique craftsmanship. 

“We are a Middle Eastern brand, and we continue to stay true to our roots. We maintain this especially in our product design. We have new and stylish designs in our collections, but we always have some elements incorporated that showcases where we come from. This is what connects us to the women in the region. We know what they want. When you wear a Majliya design, you stand out,” explains Marco. 

Alongside the rebranding, Majliya also launched its e-commerce website which was a long coming. “This is a milestone for us. Customers can finally see the vastness of our collections. We are continuously expanding; we have collections for special days and the e-commerce site will allow clients to view the collection in its entirety,” says Marco.

Majliya is located in the commercial district of Al Qurum, Muscat.

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