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Chanel COMÈTE – An Aura Of Floral Luminosity

Chanel COMÈTE – An Aura Of Floral Luminosity

  • COMÈTE unleashes a new olfactory identity in the LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL collection that is a wonderful amalgamation of notes that are rich and powdery, sophisticated and complex...

Fragrance is a language. It can at times, more so than words, reveal a facet of the person who wears it, uncovering a fragment of their story, and sharing a precious secret in a singular fragrance trail. 

This is the spirit that symbolises the LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL collection, an exceptional olfactory line and a luxurious expression of perfumery that resembles no other, composed of noble and frequently tailor-made materials. 

Chanel has added a new fragrance to its exclusive collection called COMÈTE. Intensely floral and luminous, COMÈTE explores a new olfactory identity in the LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL collection. Rich and powdery, sophisticated and complex, it is a universe in itself. 

Just like this traveling star, the Eau de Parfum is suffused with a fresh and delicate cherry blossom accord. A trace of luminosity and purity transforms into an aura set with heliotrope notes blending into a cloud of iris extract and a musk accord. This sensual fragrance, which envelops the skin with elusive magnetism, celebrates its singular character. 

COMÈTE is a fragrance trail of stardust and of a celestial jewel which, in a reflection of Gabrielle Chanel, chooses its trajectory, and never deviates from its path. It is an aura of light, unfurling the power of optimism, for those who are convinced that the planets will align with their lucky star. 

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