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Dazzling With Maison Boucheron

Dazzling With Maison Boucheron

  • Four iconic personalities. One Maison. What follows is creative magic that is nothing short of spectacular

Maison Boucheron has never failed to stun. Be it the Maison’s stunning designs or its ambassadors. So, when Boucheron assembled its ambassadors for an exceptional evening featuring its iconic collections as well, one can imagine how extraordinary it would be with each bringing her own touch of magic.  
The Maison’s ambassadors Alexa Chung, Mila Al Zahrani, Han So-Hee, and Rola drew up a wishlist of house creations for the occasion. 

Alexa Chung 

First created in 1968 and continually reinvented, the Serpent Bohème collection repeats its iconic teardrop design to bring out your radiance. Serpent Bohème Solarité is the perfect collection for those who aren’t afraid to scintillate.

Mila Al Zahrani

Released in 2004, Quatre takes a page from the Boucheron archives with four patterns that seem to have nothing in common. Once combined, they create a unique aesthetic: a collection symbolizing strength and protection, ideal for those who assert their personality and style, loud and clear.

Han So-Hee

The Liseré collection takes inspiration from the octagonal shape of Place Vendôme. A subtle reference to the Maison’s founder, Frédéric Boucheron, who was the first of the great contemporary jewelers to open a boutique here in 1893. This collection is for all those who walk outside the lines.


A historical Boucheron design inspired by nature and a symbol of weightlessness, the peacock feather constitutes a true challenge for the Maison’s jewelers. In keeping with the vision of Frédéric Boucheron, the craftsmen seek to faithfully depict each detail of this natural element. A collection for those who are poised for flight.

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