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Enhancing Qatar’s design landscape

Enhancing Qatar’s design landscape

  • Doha-based Designer Studio believes in designing homes that are luxurious yet real. And that explains why the design firm is right at the top of their game

In recent years, the Qatar skyline has undertaken a transformation with ground-breaking projects taking their place alongside traditional architecture. From the modern landmarks such as The Torch Doha to the traditional styled Qatar National Library, Qatar is an ever-evolving landscape and amalgamation of contemporary and historic design. A common bond between the two is the need for high end interior designers that are able to marry the contemporary with the classic and create the luxurious interiors that befit the lifestyle and requirements of clients.

Established in 2018, Doha based Designer Studio emerged to respond to the need for intelligent and considerate interior design. Their unique focus on creating ‘liveable’ luxury that not only provides a superior aesthetic but fulfils the requirements of the client has resulted in an impressive portfolio of both residential and hospitality projects. 

Designer Studio believes in offering customised solutions to their clients. It all starts with the consultation process. The team dedicates a good amount of to the client to understand their key project goals. Once these have been identified the requirements, the team starts the labourious process of sourcing and designing the interiors unique to their client within their specified timescale. 

While many aspects of each interior design are sympathetic to the local culture and design accents, the Designer Studio have an enviable connection with some of the key manufacturers from around the globe. Whether that’s sourcing the latest upholstery from Belgian weavers, unique marble from Portuguese quarries or finding statement lighting, the team’s understanding in going that extra mile to source the exquisite is what sets the practice apart from the average studio and thereby helps exceed the expectations of their clients.

Taking inspiration from the surrounding landscape and culture sees many of their projects utilise the use of calming neutral palettes. The idea to provide opulent calm lends itself well to their luxury clients who typically seek interior spaces that help rejuvenate and provide an oasis of calm in often business lead lifestyles. This also plays a key part in some of their hospitality designs, where the ability to provide luxury hotel rooms that suit both the business and leisure traveller play a fundamental role. 

With an ever-growing hospitality sector in Qatar, the need for interior services that understand the importance of how materials, design and specifications work in the contract sector is paramount. The continued high-level traffic in hotel rooms and the effect this has on fittings and fixtures is one that the Designer Studio understands and continues to invest time in keeping abreast with the latest developments in contract sourcing. Taking the time to discuss suitability for contract sectors, the Designer Studio have built up an impressive contacts list that helps prevent unnecessary replacement and keeps their designs looking their best.

It was this eye for detail and meticulous preparation that caught the eye of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards panel. Browsing through their portfolio of projects provided a true understanding of the fine balance between providing luxury aesthetics and creating usable space and resulted in the studio being awarded The Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in Qatar. Despite being one of the youngest professional practices in Doha, the team has built a strong foundation in providing quality throughout each project. This highly sought award celebrates the best in luxury design and the movers and shakers that help define its aesthetics.

Current projects include an extensive residential project that incorporates vast living areas while incorporating the luxury elements such as leisure spaces, pool and gym. This project is slated to be launched early 2021 and will be a testament to the teams’ dedication to design and an ability to provide versatile luxury living spaces.

The Designer Studio is committed to creating luxury interiors, one space at a time, and with an ever-evolving location such as Qatar, it is very likely that their practice will be key at defining some of the most iconic buildings of the future within this exciting and competitive region.

Article courtesy Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

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