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Bugatti Tourbillon Arrives In The UAE

Bugatti Tourbillon Arrives In The UAE

  • The hyper sports car is a timeless fusion of power, beauty, and innovation that pushes the boundaries of automotive engineering

Bugatti Automobiles has launched its latest masterpiece, the Bugatti Tourbillon, in the UAE. A culmination of 115 years of legacy, this hyper sports car epitomises Ettore Bugatti’s vision of incomparable beauty and performance, designed not just for the present, but for eternity under the motto ‘Pour l’éternité.

The Bugatti Tourbillon represents the pinnacle of automotive artistry. Limited to 250 units, and with a starting price of 3.8 million EUR net, the Tourbillon is more than a car—it is a timeless fusion of power, beauty, and innovation that defines the future of hypersports cars.

Futuristic Design and Aerodynamics

Inspired by Bugatti’s historic designs, the Tourbillon’s aesthetic is shaped by speed and aerodynamic efficiency. From its iconic horseshoe grille to the dynamic Bugatti line, every element is meticulously crafted to enhance performance and visual appeal. Innovations like the submerged rear wing and integrated diffuser underscore its aerodynamic prowess, ensuring stability at speeds exceeding 400 km/h, while also meeting the thermodynamic demands of a V16 engine, electric motors, and fully operational batteries.

Timeless Interior

The design philosophy of the Bugatti Tourbillon interior is focused on timelessness. Inside, the Tourbillon embodies the spirit of haute horologie, featuring an analog instrument cluster designed by Swiss watchmakers. Constructed from titanium and gemstones, this cluster is a masterpiece of precision, reflecting Bugatti’s commitment to timeless craftsmanship. The interior further showcases crystal glass elements and bespoke materials, blending luxury with functionality to create an environment that is as ergonomic as it is elegant.

The interior is spacious, making it ideal for longer trips and daily use. Even the audio system is being engineered without traditional speakers and woofers, opting for an advanced system that features exciters on the door panels and throughout the car to use existing interior panels as speakers. Every interior decision – just as it is with the exterior – is made with ultimate performance in mind, without compromising in any way on practicality or comfort.

Revolutionary Powertrain 

At the heart of the Bugatti Tourbillon, lies a revolutionary powertrain—a naturally aspirated 8.3-liter V16 engine, engineered with the help of Cosworth. In total, the Tourbillon produces 1,800 hp with 1,000 from the combustion engine itself and 800 hp from the electric motors. This powerhouse is complemented by a sophisticated electric system, integrating front and rear e-axles with a 25-kWh oil-cooled 800V battery, ensuring unmatched performance and efficiency. The result is a car that blends tradition with innovation, echoing the iconic sound of a high-revving engine while harnessing electric torque for instant acceleration.

Engineering Excellence

The Tourbillon pioneers cutting-edge engineering, with a chassis built from a next-generation T800 carbon composite and AI-developed 3D-printed suspension components. The brakes are equally advanced, featuring the ultimate carboceramic technology. A bespoke brake-by-wire system is introduced, fully integrated with the moveable pedal box, and blended seamlessly through an integrated vehicle non-linear controller developed by Bugatti to the hybrid powertrain.

These innovations not only enhance performance but also reduce weight, ensuring agility and durability on and off the track. Each technological advancement is a testament to Bugatti’s relentless pursuit of perfection, pushing boundaries in automotive engineering.

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