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As Grand As It Gets

As Grand As It Gets

  • The All-New Jeep Grand Cherokee L is an amalgamation of luxury, power, and comfort. The Luxury Bulletin takes the thrilling 4x4 for a spin in Muscat.

Inimitable 4×4 driving prowess together with comfort and luxury makes the all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee L a fantastic launch from the brand. The Jeep Grand Cherokee L was unveiled late last year, which also happened to be the brand’s 80th anniversary. Jeep, which is now part of the Stellantis group, has always been at the forefront of excellent and thrilling automotive manufacturing. The all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee L only reiterates this fact.

One of the main features of the Jeep Grand Cherokee L is the addition of a third-row of seats. While it has all the qualities of an ideal family car, the Jeep Grand Cherokee L is just as much as exciting to drive as any other model from the brand. The Jeep’s legendary 4×4 driving competence is accentuated by the V6/V8 engines and impeccable automotive engineering.

We took the all-new Grand Cherokee L for a spin recently. Our model was the Summit variant, which is among the top of the range. On the exterior, the Grand Cherokee L is unmistakably longer and has an assertive stance. The styling is impressive featuring all the characteristics of a Jeep, yet the Grand Cherokee L holds its own ground with a distinctive silhouette. 

Inside the Grand Cherokee L, spaciousness, luxury, and comfort stand out as distinguishing features. Folding the seats forward and moving to the back is quite easy and not a struggle as it is with some other models in the same class. The materials and craftsmanship used to design the interior are exquisite, elevating the status of the Grand Cherokee L. The infotainment system is easy on the eye and sans all the ‘extras’ we see in many automobiles these days. 

Seats are something we are big on, especially in vehicles that are perfect on- and off-road companions. Like the Grand Cherokee. The Jeep’s seats are enveloping, sturdy, and designed to make you feel comfortable even on long or arduous drives off the tarmac. The Grand Cherokee also features a sunroof and quick, easy controls for both the driver and passengers.

On road, the Grand Cherokee is an absolute dream to drive. A 4×4 that glides smoothly yet packs in enough power to take bumps and pits in its stride with ease, the Grand Cherokee delivers both on the streets as well as when the going gets rough. The steering is light and responsive – you feel in control at all levels. A unique highlight of every model that wears the Jeep badge is its off-road capability combined with on-road comfort. It’s no different in the Jeep Grand Cherokee L and if you are in the market for a reliable, powerful 4×4 that offers the comfort of a sedan yet packs in all the punches and gets you excited about the driving experience, this is the automobile you are looking for.  

Dhofar Automotive is the exclusive dealer of Jeep automobiles in Oman.

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