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Anne Kurian
  • INFINITI's new luxury SUV, QX55, is one for the books in the crossover segment. We took the sleek, stylish and performance-oriented automobile for a spin and came back pretty impressed

Exceptional driving experience. The only way I can sum up my day with the INFINITI QX55. I am jumping the gun here without giving many details. So, let’s start at the beginning.

INFINITI announced two new launches for 2022 – the QX55 and the redesigned OQX60. The QX55 was launched in the region, including Oman, a little earlier in the year.  

The QX55 is INFINITI’s answer to a coupe-style luxury SUV that’s sleek and stylish. While the brand does refer to the QX55 ‘as the spiritual successor to the FX series’, the beautifully designed crossover draws more semblance to the QX50. The two models do share a platform and powertrain. 


It’s hard not to be taken in by the fine silhouette of the QX55. Unlike some of the other INFINITI models which have a commanding presence due to the sheer size, the QX55 is a smaller yet quite the beauty. The QX55’s sloping roofline and its sleek bodylines give the crossover the coupe-style look. Among some of its exterior features of note are a bold grille-mesh, inspired by origami, LED headlights designed to mimic the human eye, captivating taillights with a distinctive “piano-key” lighting signature, and a sporty front fascia. The twenty-inch wheels, standard on all QX55 models, give the SUV an assertive stance, which adds to its overall stylish design. 

Inside The QX55

INFINITI is (and has been) serious about luxury. Leather and wood accents give the interiors of the QX55 a plush look. Settling into the firm and supportive seats is easy thanks to the eight-way adjustable mode. The centre console includes two screens, which might take a little longer to get used to but once you get comfortable, the controls are easy to manage. In case you are wondering why two screens – one’s for Apps, while the other is for Navigation. INFINITI’s InTouchTM infotainment system supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The QX55 boasts of a powerful 16-speaker Bose audio, on which we blasted out some of our favourite rock anthems. It was only after test driving cars across various terrains and distances did I begin to appreciate telescoping steering wheels. The QX55 comes equipped with a power tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel. The design flow inside the QX55 is harmonious, akin to the exterior. 

Safety Features

The QX55 comes with an array of intelligent safety technology features – Predictive Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning and Prevention System, Forward Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection to Blind Spot Warning and Intervention and Backup Collision Intervention.

 On The Road

Inside the QX55 lies a 268-horsepower turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, termed by INFINITI as VC-Turbo, that provides the power the driver needs depending on the terrain and driving conditions. The QX55 features four drive modes – Standard, Eco, Sport, and Personal. During the in-city drive, I opted for Standard mode. During our drive to Sifah village, I switched to Sport, which allowed the QX55 to shine through and gave us plenty of power as we cruised uphill. The QX55 is an all-wheel drive, which enhances the drive experience be it on road or on a more challenging course. Don’t let the sleek, stylish looks of the QX55 mislead you into thinking this is an automobile more suited to drives within the city. The QX55 is a beautiful coupe-style SUV with the heart of a beast. Switching between the drive modes is as effortless as it is for the vehicle to move from tarmac to a coarse terrain. And the QX55 delivers a drive experience that one has come to expect of an INFINITI – powerful, responsive, and reliable.  

This is the reason why I began this feature by gushing about the driving experience of the QX55. INFINITI’s 2022 crossover luxury SUV launch is one for the books and promising addition to its stellar lineup.

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