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Roja Dove’s New Fragrance APEX Is A Homage To The Infinite Power Of Nature

Roja Dove’s New Fragrance APEX Is A Homage To The Infinite Power Of Nature

Anne Kurian
  • The master perfumer and one of the most renowned 'noses' in the world was in Muscat to launch his latest fragrance

Celebrated perfumer Roja Dove has a longstanding relationship with Oman. He created fragrances for the late Sultan Qaboos Bin Said. His first standalone perfume boutique in the region was launched in the Omani capital, Muscat. He has created several perfumes for the Sultanate on special occasions.

Roja Dove was in the country recently to launch APEX, a new fragrance under his eponymous brand. The underlying theme of APEX is about humans getting back in touch with nature and harnessing the infinite power of nature.

APEX is fresh and fruity with warm undertones. The fragrance opens with a citrus blast that brings to the fore the invigorating scents of Mandarin and Pineapple, encouraging a positive state of mind. Grounding the energy to the earth, a natural Chypré base surrounds Patchouli and Fir Balsam with the green tones of Galbanum, Cypress, and Oakmoss to create a truly outdoors environment as the sacred materials of Sandalwood and Frankincense pay homage to the ancient ingredients of the earth. 

A note about the fragrance states that APEX is about “connecting us to our primal energies, the animalic effects of Leather, Ambergris and Musk lay in the shadows, bringing their sensual impulse to this highly-addictive new fragrance.” 

Mandarin: Every main ingredient used in APEX has an underlying meaning behind it. The Mandarin is the symbol of abundance and happiness. Mandarins are reminiscent of the power of the sun, heightening one’s sense of perspective and place in the universe. The sun rises every morning with endless possibilities, giving endless opportunities to begin again and embrace a new life.

Pineapple: Throughout history the Pineapple has been a symbol of status, bringing luck and good fortune. The Pineapple’s link to wealth provides individuals the tenacity to go after their goals. 

Frankincense: One of the oldest spiritual gifts to humanity, burning Frankincense as part of a sacred ritual has been used for centuries to connect people to a higher power. This ethereal quality is believed to purify one’s energy and centre one’s focus on achieving feats that can at first seem out-of-this-world.

Fir Balsam: A symbol of honesty, truth, and forthrightness, the Fir Balsam grows straight and direct. A tree reminiscent of permanence and a tall pillar of strength, this ingredient is evocative of the importance of resilience and longevity – encouraging individuals to rise to the occasion during times of rapid changes and embracing opportunities.

Leather: A suit of armour of sorts, leather has the properties to bestow confidence. Its scent has the ability to make one feel powerful and self-assured.

Roja Dove is a creative luminary who has always been ahead of the curve through his artistic innovations. With APEX he brings this creative bend through a set of 12 cards, each representing animals that inspired Roja Dove in the creation of the fragrance. The animals depicted on the cards are the Owl, Crocodile, Ocra, Bear, King Cobra, Eagle, Wolf, Cheetah, Tiger, Lion, Jaguar, and the rare Ghost Bear, also referred to as the Golden Spirit card. A small brochure included along with the card in the box describes the properties of the respective apex animal.

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