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OIH’s Swanky Medical Spa

OIH’s Swanky Medical Spa

  • The Oman International Hospital is the Sultanate's only and first private hospital to the house a medical spa

Spas abound plenty in Oman, but medical spas are few and far between. So, when we heard about the Medical Spa at the new state-of-the-art multispeciality hospital in the Sultanate, Oman International Hospital, it piqued our interest. 

Oman International Hospital is the first and only private hospital to have an in-house medical Spa. Spread over an area of 630 square meters, the spa includes all the facilities together with a team of experts that can help in alternative and recovery therapies. 

The expansive medical spa features an indoor, temperature-controlled, and non-chlorinated pool set up to facilitate hydrotherapy. 

“Hydrotherapy sessions have been introduced to currently benefit two groups of people – postpartum mothers with their babies and those requiring physical rehabilitation. We have started hydrotherapy for mothers and babies as it is beneficial in postpartum healing and recovery,” says Ana Luisa Cavaco, Director of Nursing, OIH.  

Hydrotherapy is especially advantageous for post-natal care in mothers as it has been shown to improve physical strength and conditioning, emotional wellbeing, and overall toning.  

As opposed to the traditional post-natal rehabilitation programmes, hydrotherapy is more advanced and has a multidisciplinary approach. 

“The big difference is the water. The comfort of being in warm water is unparalleled. The sound of water is relaxing to both mothers and babies. This is especially useful for first-time mothers as hydrotherapy can be very calming,” says Cavaco.  

The medical spa at OIH is also equipped to handle those recovering from surgery, stroke patients, and those with orthopaedic and requiring rehabilitation. Eventually, the hospital plans to introduce water births as part of the services offered at the medical spa.  

The Medical Spa currently offers the following services

·      Hydrotherapy classes for expecting mothers 

·      Hydrotherapy classes for new mothers and newborns 

·      Yoga sessions for expecting and new mothers 

·      Various courses to teach new mothers about essential caring for their newborns 

The hydrotherapy classes are conducted under the supervision of highly trained staff and with external support from Nine Clinic.

In the future, the medical spa aims to offer

·      Various wellness aqua therapies

·      Hydrotherapy for regular guests (upon the referral of the doctors)

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