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Bespoke Wellness with bioniq

Bespoke Wellness with bioniq

Anne Kurian
  • Biohacking is one of the hottest buzzwords in the wellness industry. Bioniq LIFE, a biohacking programme developed by the company bioniq, is leading the way in this trend. Vadim Fedotov, Co-Founder and CEO of Bioniq, talks to The Luxury Bulletin about how biohacking might just be the answer to optimal health and wellness
Vadim Fedotov, Cor-Founder & CEO, bioniq

How did a pro basketball player make the switch to the world of biomedical field?

Since a very young age, I was always interested in sports and wellness as I played basketball professionally for the Germany national team and the US. However, after multiple knee surgeries I had to quit my professional sports career. Upon my graduation I found myself in a corporate world working as the CEO of Groupon Russia and Ukraine at the age of 26 and then as the CEO of the largest media holding in Eastern Europe. At the age of 32, I realized that I no longer felt at the top of my performance capabilities – constantly lacking energy and drive. This is when I started looking for answers on how to optimise my personal wellbeing. After seeing various doctors across the world, I realized that traditional medicine is very “black and white” – you are either sick and they treat you or you are diagnosed as “not sick” and they cannot do anything for you. This led me into discovering the world of biohacking and launching my own healthtech startup in London in 2019, which aims to provide personalised solutions on how to optimise and improve one’s health status. 

What does the bioniq process entail?

We launched in the UAE recently with our signature product, bioniq LIFE, which takes away all the headache with regard to monitoring and optimising one’s health. It works as a premium concierge service, where every client is managed by a personal manager leading the client step by step throughout the whole process daily. 

bioniq LIFE services include an at-home 50-parameter blood test, which analyses not only vitamin deficiencies but also the overall health status as it includes parameters such as cholesterol, liver functions and hormones. Upon receiving the blood test results, we book an over the phone consultation with a nutritionist for our clients, as we believe that 70% of your health depends on nutrition. Based on the blood test results we also prepare a personalised micronutrient formula, which consists of up to 120 Swiss-produced granules. The granules are vegan friendly and prove to be a lot more effective than traditional old-school pills. The formula is shipped from our lab in London directly to your doorstep. Clients are supposed to repeat the process on a bi-monthly basis as it provides us with consistent health monitoring throughout the year and allows for preventative approach to health. 

Is there an age eligibility to get on the bioniq lifestyle?

There is no minimum or maximum age, which allows to join bioniq system as it consists of 2 elements – health-monitoring (the blood tests) and health-optimisation (intake of the vitamins). Health-monitoring in one shape or another should be present in all people’s lives regardless of age. When it comes to vitamins intake – kids under the age of 15 usually tend to have less deficiencies in their bodies and thus do not need to take supplements. The older we get, the harder it is for our bodies to produce all necessary vitamins and microelements, meaning that most adults do need some external help to keep their health in optimal state. 

How has bioniq evolved during the pandemic? Has there been an increased interest in bioniq and the services provided since last year?

The pandemic has been the main driving force in the wellness and healthtech industry in the past year. People all around the world started prioritising their health regardless of their age and status. We can see how millennials have shifted their spending habits from travel and lifestyle to their health. The profile of a bioniq client became much younger – instead of 35+ year old clients, we are now working with 18+ clients and all of them are equally interested in preventative health.

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