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Richoux – Breakfast and more

Richoux – Breakfast and more

Anne Kurian
  • Nothing sets the tone for the day like a good breakfast. Richoux at Opera Galleria, Muscat, is one of the finest spots in the city to tuck into a delectable breakfast

There are a lot of places in Muscat that offer a good breakfast spread. At The Luxury Bulletin, we are avid foodies and especially particular about the first meal of the day. After all, on many occasions, that’s what sets the mood for the day. One fine morning, we decided to try the breakfast at Richoux. Located on the ground floor of Opera Galleria, on the premises of Royal Opera House Muscat, Richoux is a franchise of the iconic London brand. 

Richoux began as a tea room and restaurant in London in 1909. The décor and styling at the Muscat branch are reminiscent of the British design DNA. Classy and beautiful, the interiors of Richoux captivates. With seating inside the restaurant that extends to the galleria and even outdoors, Richoux makes for a great dining choice at any time of the day. 

We opted to sit indoors for breakfast. Our picks for the morning were Salmon Benedict and English Breakfast Croissant. Both the dishes are accompanied by a hot beverage – coffee, tea or hot chocolate. We ordered orange juice as well. After all, it was breakfast. 

The restaurant is quite popular and finding a seat during the weekend can be tricky. The terrace area is wonderful; the perfect spot to enjoy your breakfast and make most of the wonderful weather we have in Muscat now. 

Salmon Benedict

Our juices arrives first. Fresh orange juice sans sugar, just the way we like it. The Salmon Benedict and English Breakfast Croissant arrive pretty soon. Eggs Benedict can be quite tricky, especially if you are in a restaurant that’s busy. More often than we like, our order of soft eggs arrive with hard yolks. But not at Richoux. The eggs are done to perfection, just the way it has been asked for. Served on a bed of muffins that are chewy yet airy and smoked salmon, this is a winner all the way. 

The English Breakfast Croissant is one of Richoux’s most popular and finest dishes. The restaurant never goes wrong with this. Getting a lovely flaky yet chewy croissant to be used in a sandwich is not easy but at Richoux they have aced it. Accompanied with our choice of Americano and hot chocolate, breakfast at Richoux set the tone for our day. And a pretty good one, we must say. If you have a sweet tooth, the Milk Cake is a must. Served in a pool of saffron milk, this is a divine indulgence.

Service at Richoux is quick and efficient; even with the rush that the restaurant experiences, orders reach tables in impressive time. The Traditional Afternoon Tea at Richoux is another one of our favourites. It has all the classic choices you would find in an English Afternoon Tea and makes for a lovely experience. 

Richoux ticks all the right boxes and this is one restaurant we would go back to for a satiating meal.  

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