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An Epicurean Treat

An Epicurean Treat

  • Beluga, Dubai’s only caviar specialty restaurant at Mandarin Oriental Jumeira, is a connoisseur’s delight. Anne Kurian visits the fine-dining spot for an evening of indulgence.

Ever had an afternoon tea that has caviar as its main attraction? If that intrigues you, then Beluga at Mandarin Oriental Jumeira in Dubai is the place to visit. Beluga is a stylish restaurant dedicated to the ultimate gourmet treat – caviar. The coveted delicacy was a treat enjoyed by royalty in the olden days. The Persians are credited with preparing and relishing the royal treat, which they collected from sturgeon. Yet, it was the Russians, the Tsars to be specific, that made caviar an epicurean delight, albeit a luxurious treat.

While it retains its stature as a delicacy and a treat, caviar is enjoyed more commonly by connoisseurs than before. And establishments like Beluga create the perfect ambience to appreciate and enjoy the delicacy. Marble, gold accents and beige interiors merge harmoniously in the plush yet inviting ambience of the restaurant that has a French-inspired menu with a twist. The cosy, fine-dining space with its Parisian vibes has both restaurant and bar seating.

The best Sturgeon and beluga caviar are sourced by the restaurant team which is used to create culinary masterpieces by the chef. Our dishes for the evening included a selection of some of the most popular choices at Beluga. The menu is not over the top (thankfully) yet has some of the best caviar-based dishes we have seen.

Every dish reads like artworks created by the Masters. The “Tsar Alexei” salmon flower with White Sturgeon caviar vinaigrette is not just a delightful dish but also a beautiful creation by the chef. This was followed by warm scallops carpaccio served with sour cream, green coulis and a generous helping of Imperial caviar. The Red carabinero tartare with salmon roe had us pulling out our phones for that perfect Insta-shot. The Tsarine potato topped with sour cream and Russian Oscietra caviar blew us away. We never imagined the humble potato to make for a befitting companion to the delicacy of royalty.

Beluga is a delicious trip in indulgence and extravaganza. So, it should come as no surprise that one of the most extravagant dishes on the menu is the 24-karat Golden Cigar with Almas Caviar. Beluga’s delicate cigar-like dish is rolled into shape before being oven-baked. The filling is constructed from a recipe that uses premium smoked salmon, yuzu, mustard, double cream and lime zest caviar. There’s also a dipping sauce, but according to the chefs at Beluga, the recipe for that is top secret. Rounding things off is a serving of Almas caviar – the rarest and most expensive caviar in the world. A must-try at Beluga that is best paired with the restaurant’s finest bubbly!

Dining at the only caviar specialty restaurant of Dubai is an experience in the lap of luxury. Beluga not only serves some of the best roe-centric dishes but also takes fine dining to new heights.

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