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Summer With Ojar

Summer With Ojar

  • Ojar, the luxury fragrance brand from Oman, combines the essence of Eastern and Western perfume-making aesthetics. Worn individually or layered, Ojar fragrances make a great choice this summer

A beautiful fusion of scents from the East and the West, OJAR has been one of our favourite fragrance brands ever since its launch in 2020. Founded by Sheikha Hind Bahwan, OJAR pays tribute to the art and rituals of Middle Eastern perfume making. The collection features 18 unisex scents and is based on six ingredients, out of which three are inspired by Oman. The ingredients from Oman are the rose of Jebel Akdhar, honey from Rustaq, and Frankincense from the Dhofar region. The other three ingredients include Oud, Sandalwood, and Musk, a tribute to the modern Bedouin.  

For the summer, we pick our favourite scents from OJAR that can be worn by itself or layered with different scents. 

Halwa Kiss

This heavenly scent combines the notes of honey, saffron, dates, dry fruits, and rose. 

Layer with: Infusion Velours, featuring the notes of oud, black pepper, raspberry, and blackberry for a decadent and spicy scent.

Wood Whisper 

A woody floral infusion that includes sandalwood, violets, and ambergris.

Layer with: Forgiven Outragea spicy woody fragrance inspired by the Japanese incense, khodo with notes of sandalwood, cardamom, and vetiver, making it a combination for ages. 

Bois Monochrome 

Genuine sandalwood is the main ingredient of this earthy and intoxicating scent. 

Layer with: Stallion Soul that features the notes of oud, rose, and carnation for a warm, appealing combination.

Ciel D’Orage

A smoky oud with notes of guaiac wood, vetiver, and suede makes this an irresistible all-day fragrance. 

Layer with: Maharajan with its rose, cashmere woods, and musk notes for an extravagant fragrant treat 

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