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Stacking with Messika

Stacking with Messika

  • Valerie Messika brings oodles of bling and style into the art of stacking with the brand’s fine collection of diamond earrings

We have been fans of the fine art of stacking jewellery ever since the concept came into existence. It truly is an art, for every piece of jewellery used in stacking plays a vital part in creating the look. Which brings us to the stacking trend that Valerie Messika is bringing to the game. Complete with absolutely stunning diamond jewellery.   

In keeping with what is referred to as the ‘neoporte trend,’ the designer has developed different designs which complement each other with a touch of modernity. An accumulation of chain bracelets and bangles, studs, hoops and long earrings, rings worn across knuckles and fingers, chokers, chain necklaces and pendants stacked one on top of each and layered… summer fashion has received a huge boost.

The style that the designer has put together is all about stacking, mixing, and matching Messika sets of earrings in a modern way. A current trend consists of wearing jewels along the auricle of the ear. The lobe is no longer the only part of the ear to shine with diamonds.

What we love about the style created by Valerie Messika is how she has re-imagined bold diamond designs as a comfortable clip with an ergonomic fit without any need to create a new piercing to achieve the ‘rock’n’diamonds’ look.

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