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Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild

  • Valerie Messika dares to take on the wild side with her Black Hawk collection...
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Fantastical horseback rides and vast desert plains, Valerie Messika wanted to center her Born to be Wild High Jewellery collection around the Wild west. A major part of this new stunning High Jewellery collection is the daringly unique Black Hawk collection. Messika disrupted the world of High Jewelry by introducing unique elements such as wood for the Black Hawk collection.

The motifs of these masterpieces evoke the plumes of the Native American headdresses decorated with eagle feathers. Each feather symbolized an act of bravery – their number and color were respectively imbibed with specific meanings. The collection features show stopping pieces that include necklace, bracelet and ring crafted with intricate precision to detail.

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